Friday, December 26, 2008

Joining Blogging

Well, since I am going on a study abroad this Spring to London, I decided that I should start a blog so friends and family back home can see what I am doing. I am starting early so I can get some practice! Hopefully you all enjoy it :).

My blog is called Jamestown 12 because that is my apartment in Provo at Liberty Square. This is my front door the day I moved in (what you can't see is that I have a broken leg).

My closet--do you think I have enough clothes?

This is my bed and where I store all my extra stuff I have.

This is our kitchen--Mckelle, Michelle, and I are constantly cleaning it! We are obsessed with having a clean kitchen with NO dishes in the sink!! And yes that is a sign above our sink that says "Dishes are like boyfriends, you don't want your roommates doing them. But if you do someone else's, we don't want to hear about it."

This is our family room before we finished decorating it.

The other side of our family room. And yes that is a deer mount on our wall--Kelsey shot it herself last hunting season!

These are my roommates! I have been blessed with such wonderful roommates this year. Hannah Lockheart is on the very left. She is from Provo and is a freshman this year. She spends most of her time laughing with us at home, at work at Hot Dog On a Stick, or pulling all-nighters writing papers that are due the next day! On the right of me is Tiffani Charles. She is from Scottsdale, Arizona. She is very studious and is constantly going on dates with different boys. Next is Kelsey Berg. She is from Heber and is very proud of it. She is out outdoors girl and is the best cowgirl. Then there is Mckelle King who is my actual roommate. She is from my home ward and is one of my closest friends. We can't spend more than a few minutes together without laughing hard about everything that happens. On the very right is Michelle Cole. She is also from Heber. She is always there laughing with Mckelle and I about everything. She is so fun to talk to and I love to tell her everything!

My roommates at our first ward party

My roommates LOVE that I have my handicapped parking pass--we use it everywhere we go! I guess that's the only good thing about having a broken leg.

We love going to the BYU football games

This is my older brother Jimmy. It is SO much fun having him with me down in Provo at BYU. He is always there to look after me and make sure I am doing ok. He often calls me and says, "I just want to make sure you're doing ok. Is there anything I can do for you? Just let me know!" Man, he is the best older brother ever! I am so grateful for him and all he does for me. During finals week I had the worst migraine ever. When he found out, he had new medicine and "a treat" (Junior Mints in the freezer because those are my favorite) waiting for me at my apartment. He is the best and I love him so much!