Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr.

Well, since we had a day off of school, my friends and I decided that we wanted a little break from the cold. We headed out on Friday afternoon to Las Vegas. We spent Friday night in Vegas just playing, walking around, and riding the rides on the strip. On Saturday afternoon, we headed to St. George and spent the rest of our weekend there in my roommate Kelsey's condo. It felt so nice to get away and just play in the warm weather.

We went on the Stratosphere--this is the view from the top!
Michelle, Mckelle, me, and Kelsey

I love the water show--my roommates!

Enjoying the show

On Sunday we went to church at the Dixie State College institute ward and then went to the temple and walked around. These are my roommates!

We went exploring in these caves at Snow Canyon National was so cool!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Grace's Blessing

On the Sunday after Christmas, Erin and James blessed their little Grace Elizabeth Thomson. She was so good during the blessing and James did such a great job! It was so fun having them stay at our house during the Holidays. Grace has the cutest little smile!!

Grace looked so cute in her little blessing dress

I love this little girl

Too bad Grace isn't smiling. The three girls :)

The Thomson Family

This is my wonderful family. It was so fun spending time with them during the break! I miss you all lots!! Love you!

Christmas Time!!

I love coming home from school for the Holidays!! Our family has so many fun parties. On Sunday, the 21st we had a family part with the Lindsley family out at the Featherstone's. On Monday the 22nd, we had our Curtis family party at the church across from Olympus High School. This is when our entire Curtis side (over 75 people) gathers for dinner, the nativity, and usually a gift exchange.

The "BYU" table at the Curtis Family Christmas party

These are most of my first cousins on the Curtis side

My siblings and Grace at the Curtis party.

Christmas Eve Curtis get together at our house for dinner, singing around the piano, chimes, and playing with the cousins.

Christmas morning is the best! We all gather together in one bedroom and wait for Mom and Dad to come down and get us. Then we make a train and march around the house (usually led by Dad). We end up in the family room to see if Santa has come! We had such a fun Christmas this year and we all were spoiled by Santa!!

After we open presents, we come upstairs and have the yummiest Christmas brunch that Mom has made. We eat homemade quiche, cinnamon rolls, and fruit. Christmas is such a fun time to spend together with our family. This year we were lucky to have Erin, James, and Grace join us for Christmas.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Looking Back at Fall Semester...

It's crazy how fast last semester went by. Looking back at it, I would have to say that it was probably the best semester I have had yet at BYU. I have such awesome roommates and I am so grateful that I have been able to meet a lot of new friends. This year at our apartment, we are constantly laughing and having such an awesome time! Some of my favorite things we did:

Horseback riding at Kelsey's house up in Heber

True blue football. During homecoming week we went to the true blue football activity where there were games and a slip-n-slide with blue foam. It was such a blast to get all covered in blue foam!! We had to shower many times scrubbing ourselves to get all the blue off...and yes my blonde hair was dyed blue!


We love going to BYU football games. We have 9th row seats and they were so fun! We would try to fit as many people as we could into our seats because they were in a prime location.


This is one of the funnest memories. For our ward party we had an auction and each apartment auctioned off different things they were willing to do for other apartments. We auctioned off a day horseback riding up at Kelsey's house in Heber. Then we were all given questionnaires of things we had done during the week to fill out (scripture reading, written a missionary, gone swimming...etc.). Then we added up the amount of points we had received with the rest of our apartment. From the amount of points we had as a whole, we received fake money. With this money we were to buy from other apartments the activity they were auctioning off. We bought a day canoeing from a guy's apartment in our ward. We actually went up to Deer Creek and went canoeing one night with them. We think they went with the intention of 6 canoes, 6 boys, and 6 girls...while we went for a fun ride around the lake on canoes. haha We spent almost the entire time trying to get away from the canoes of boys so we wouldn't get tipped over into the freezing cold water (it was so cold outside and we were only wearing swimsuits). I don't think they had quite the experience they were hoping for. WHOOPS!!

These were my roommates from freshman year in FOX 40. We often get together to eat dinner, catch up, go on random trips to STG (St. George), and go to midnight premieres of High School Musical 3 and Twilight. From left to right: me, Andrea Spencer, Mckelle King, Talia Finley, Madilyn Nelson, and Jessica Reese.

We used to "toast" about everything exciting in life (Andrea failing her chemistry test, "real dates," Madilyn going on ward dates, having friends leave on missions, and anything else we felt was important at the time) so of course we have to "toast" at every event we have together.

One of my favorite things about going to BYU is having so much family down there. These are all my cousins at our "cousin dinner" at Sam and Amy's apartment. We are all down in Provo together. From left to right: Jessica, Wilson, Jimmy, Daniel, Kelly, Scott, Lauren, Nicole, Amy, and Sam. Thanks for arranging such a fun dinner Sam!

Of course we had to go to make shirts and go to the midnight premiere of High School Musical 3

Halloween: Tiffany was an indian; Hannah was an 80's workout girl; Mckelle, Michelle, and I were BATMAN; and Kelsey was a gangster--she even had facial hair! We had so much fun "BATMANNING" as we would call it--meaning that we would run around acting like batman and singing the theme song. We also had a lot of fun with our make-up.

Anyone sick of school? Well we definately were!! We decided that we needed a little break so we spuratically went on a road trip! Mikelle, Michelle, Mckelle, and I jumped in my car and I drove us to St. George for the weekend. I don't think there was ever a silent moment in the car ride where we weren't belting at the top of our lungs or laughing.

One main reason we needed to go to St. George was to work on our tan.

Girls Night Out--we loved treating ourselves to dinner while we were in St. George.

We spent over two hours in TJ Max trying on clothes. And yes, we all spent over $100.

Of course we had to stop at the golf course in St. George where High School Musical 2 was filmed just to take pictures.

We love playing pranks on apartment 28

Our ward went downtown to Temple Square to watch the Joseph Smith Movie and to look at the lights. Hannah couldn't make it because she had to work so Robbie stepped in for her.

One of my favorite pictures ever with Kelle and Chells

People from our ward we went with