Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Capitol

Utah State Capitol

This semester, my roommate Hannah Lockheart did an internship up at the State Capitol. She is our little politician of the apartment! We went up to visit her and it was a lot of fun! She took us on a little tour and showed us how everything works up there.

Hannah's desk

In the House

Hannah it was so fun coming to visit you! While you were up there we missed you so much down here in Provo. We're glad that you're back!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nothing Like a Girls Night

Last Friday afternoon my girl friends and I went up to Midway for the night and had a girl's night. It was such a blast! We first went to dinner at Breadsticks and had to "catch up" with everyone's new stories since we last had gone to dinner. Then we went to Jessica's families house there and spent the night. We had many fun adventures while we were there!! Some include: laughing so hard about everything that happened, a little dancing, piling in Mikelle's car and going to Smiths get Twilight when it came out at midnight in our pajamas, watching the special features of Twilight, and then all cuddling and falling asleep during the movie right after we started it! That was such a fun weekend and we should definately do it again soon!

Dinner at Breadsticks--Mckelle King, Michelle Cole, Jessica Reese, Talia Finley, Kelsey Berg, Mikelle Petersen, Andrea Spencer, Madilyn Nelson, Nicole Lindsley, Sarah Nilson

At dinner I told the singer that it was Madilyn's birthday...sorry Madilyn! I don't think she thought it was very funny, but we all enjoyed the entertainment of him singing to her. We love you Mads!

Rascal Flatts

When I heard that Rascal Flatts were coming to concert, I knew that I was going to go for sure this year. The day after the concert last year I got a call from my mom "confessing" that my family had gone to the concert and not invited me. After this phone call, I knew that the next time they were coming...I was going to go! This year me and three of my best friends--Mckelle King, Michelle Cole, and Hannah Lockheart bought tickets and went to the Rascal concert! Our seats were very high, but it was worth every minute of it! It was such an AMAZING concert because they played all of their best songs (my favorite ones)!!

Dinner at The Dodo before the concert

Waiting for the concert to start!

Do we look excited?

The concert

That was such a fun concert! I am SO glad we went!

Go Jazz!!

Last night Mom, Dad, Spencer, and I went to the Jazz game against the Rockets and had such a fun time!! When I pulled out my camera to take a picture of us all, of course my family all laughed a little because I take my camera EVERYWHERE! The Jazz played very well and won! We had such a fun time watching the game, cheering with our neighbors at the game (especially for Kyle Korver), watching Yao Ming, and eating ice cream--thanks to Dad for the treats! But besides the game, I think I had the most fun just being there and talking with my Mom. My cheeks were cramping up and my abs hurt so bad from laughing so much! Everyone and everything we saw last night seemed to be funny! I love my mom so much and I admire her in so many ways. She always seems to make everything in life so happy and fun no matter what it is. She is so positive and optimistic in everything she does!

The four of us on the 12th row! Thanks Dad for such a fun night!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Only 31?!?

Every Monday night I have a class from 5-7 that is a prep course for my study abroad to London. Every week it makes me even more excited to go! We learn all about where we are staying why we are there, what we are going to be doing, and everything else we want to know! I am sitting here in class right now and can't believe that I leave in 31 days! Time is going by SO fast I can't believe it!! Sometimes I wish I could just leave right now for London! It's going to be such a fun new adventure and I can't wait to get started!!