Wednesday, June 3, 2009


More bus fun! Today is Wednesday...another field trip! Every week we jump in the bus with Tony (our bus driver) and go somewhere completely new in England. This is the back of the bus during BUS FUN (watching Harry Potter)!! Thanks to Kylie, she is the bus fun coordinator.

...and we're off!

First we drove to Brighton and went to the Royal Pavilion. I felt like I was in India because of what it looked like. It does not fit in with anything else in England!

Then we walked down to the Brighton Pier. This was my favorite part of the day!

The entire pier

The end of the pier had tons of rides and fun arcades to play

This is the beach that the pier came off of

I seriously was in heaven today! The weather was BEAUTIFUL and it was so much fun to just walk around on the beach and in the little beach town. It reminded me of being in California.
Then we jumped back on the bus and drove to Bodiam Castle. This is truely a castle because there was a mote and only one entrance to the bridge.
This is a view from the tower of the castle. Today was a lot of fun! I really am going to miss all of our weekly field trips when I get home.

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Erin said...

Wow!! What a wonderful day it looks like you had! Wowzers, those pictures are beautiful. I am jealous of all of the beaches you get to see! I was thinking that looked like California too! Sure love you